The Center would initially have the following specific objectives:

  1. To prepare policy briefs (e.g. exchange rate, inflation, unemployment, regional integration, international trade, budget analysis, etc.) on demand by the relevant institutions in the Republic of South Sudan;
  2. To prepare a strategic plan for the oil sector, which would highlight the key challenges facing the petroleum industry in South Sudan;
  3. To assist in poverty analysis and in the formulation of operational measures for poverty reduction;
  4. To collaborate with other research networks in undertaking growth studies on the economy of South Sudan, this would take an integrated approach combining policy analysis with training as by way of building requisite analytical capabilities for development policy design and implementation;
  5. To conduct seminars and training in macroeconomic policy analysis and modeling;
  6. To publish and disseminate research results through working policy papers.

Program Areas:

The work of the Center would focus on the following priority areas:
1. Research and policy analysis
2. Natural resource management, especially the oil sector
3. Capacity building and institutional strengthening.